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Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful #1)
Author: Jamie McGuire

Chapter 1

I close my eyes as I sag against the wall of the elevator, the light ding drowned out by my sigh of relief.

Finally home.

All I want to do now is kiss my beautiful girl, grab something to eat, and take a long hot shower. Or maybe a bath, with Bella. Just snuggle together, relax, let this f**king long day come to a slow, sweet end.

I only open my eyes after the elevator comes to a stop at the top floor, where I shuffle over to the door on the right of the short hallway. I'm sure that our nosy neighbor is watching me again, but what can I say, I really don't care. The walls are sound proof, the windows mirrored, if that old hag gets off on keeping track how often we come and go, I'll be the last one to get in her face. After all, we're just a young couple, happily in love, and have nothing to hide.

I laugh softly to myself as I get my keys out and let myself in.

If only she knew.

Still grinning I kick my shoes off, dump my messenger bag on the floor in the entryway, and hang my jacket into the closet before I make a beeline for the fridge. I'm starving, and I'm thirsty, and while I long to find out if Bella is home already, I need to fulfill my primal needs first before we end up in a tumble of sweaty limbs on the lime green flokati rug in front of the fireplace. Although actually making sweet love to my girl on the rug sounds like a really good idea. We can always take that bath another day.

Quickly making sure that Bella isn't anywhere in sight I take a deep draft from the OJ, smirking at myself that she has already domesticated me to the point where I feel bad about drinking straight from the carton. Not that she doesn't do it herself when she thinks I'm not watching, mind you, but for some weird reason we both fall into the habit of playing house when we're in the kitchen. Behaving ourselves. Being all proper and nice.

I make a mental note that I dearly need to f**k my girl on the kitchen counter before the weekend. Five weeks since we moved in, and still the kitchen remains undefiled. Can't have that.

I'm lucky and find there's a microwave dish with some leftovers from yesterday. Not bothering to heat the food, I wolf down half of the contents of the container before I grab a can of Coke, relishing the prickling sensation on my tongue as I take a sip.

I'm just about to close the fridge when I notice a folded sheet of paper taped to the door. Continuing to ravage the food, I pick it up and open it on the counter, idly chewing and swallowing as I stare at the brief note.

I'm waiting for you. Upstairs.

My appetite quickly recedes, or rather redirects itself. No longer hungry for food I set the dish back in the fridge, and quickly gulp down my soda. Can't make Bella wait, after all.

As I hurry up the stairs I wonder where she's waiting for me. Only two choices really, the bedroom or the playroom. Right or left. As I round the bend in the staircase I see the bedroom door wide open, and for a moment I'm nearly disappointed. Not that I mind some nice 'nilla loving, but why would she leave me a note for that?

As I'm just about to enter the bedroom I see light flicker over the white wall, and as I turn slowly, I realize that the playroom door is open, just a sliver. A smile spreads on my face as I peek inside, my c**k already stirring.

And there she is, my beautiful Bella, kneeling on the pillow on the floor, her back to me. She is completely naked, of course, her mahogany hair cascading down over one shoulder as her head is bent. Around her are four huge white pillar candles, casting the otherwise empty playroom into a warm light.

My c**k gets almost painfully hard, but I will my boner to subside. Not that that helps much, seeing her like this, but I can't exactly follow my urges and just take her right there and f**k her until she comes screaming on my cock. As enticing as the view might be, I get the message she's left for me with the setup.

For one, she wants to play, not just f**k. I'm also sure that she chose the candles for a reason, or else she would just have put the lights on dim.

That, and we have been talking a lot about trying something new for her, but I haven't gotten down to actually doing anything yet as our schedule has been all screwed up this week. But now that we have the evening to ourselves, Bella clearly has other plans than spend it snuggling in front of the TV.

I slowly step away from the door, trying not to make any additional noise as I go into the bathroom adjacent to our bedroom and quickly undress. She must have heard me blundering around the condo, but I can at least try to be stealthy now. For a moment I consider whacking off in the shower to take care of my hard-on, but the fact of the matter is that I am tired.

Ice cold shower it is then.

Five minutes later I'm feeling vaguely human again after a vigorous rub-down with the soft new towels. I even consider just going all naked, but I know how much Bella loves the leather pants, and I'm doing this as much for her as for myself. So I quickly put them on, having to jump up and down a few times to make them sit well. The downside of being with a girl who can cook amazingly well – either I run another ten miles a week, or I start cutting back on the candy. Or fast food. Can't have that, so more running it will have to be.

As I pad across the hallway and step up to the playroom door I try to come up with a plan. My gaze falls on the scented candles that are stored in the closet next to the bedroom. Of course I can't use them for a scene, but some extra light is always good, and the heady scent of vanilla and sandalwood can create a good atmosphere. Bella is being forward, and I feel I need to reward her for being so brave. Might as well make sure it's going to be a real night to remember for her, and not just because she stepped up to confront one of her more irrational fears.

Picking up two of the huge cube candles with the many wicks I take them with me as I enter the playroom. Bella hasn't moved, and while her head is still bent and her eyes cast down, I'm sure she's following my every move with eagerness.

I place the candles left and right of her, outside of the square the other candles are set up in, and light them, brightening the room. The mirrored walls only add to the effect, and I take a moment to drink in her divine body.

Exercising regularly has done a lot to improve her slim but well proportioned build, as does the yoga for her balance. Her thighs and belly are firm now, the muscles in her arms and legs slightly defined, and she can hold position a lot longer now than when we started. Not that I ever minded a little softness, on the contrary, but I know that she needs the strength and stamina for what we do. Also, going for a run together has become one of my favorite things to do with Bella, including a nice, long shower afterwards, and the occasional blowjob behind a convenient tree.

I'm tempted to fuss around with something just to annoy her a little, but I don't really feel like taking my time. I'm just as eager as she must be, and I really want to get down to business. So I reach for the soft, white silk ropes, the only other thing I will be needing tonight, and return to where Bella is kneeling on the floor. Picking up the pillar candles I position them closer so that I can reach them without getting up again before I kneel down behind her.

She doesn't move when I reach around her and run my hand over her thigh from her knee up, squeezing gently. I kiss her shoulder, then suck hard on the soft spot at the side of her neck that I know drives her crazy, and she only shivers a little. Good girl, knows it's not her place to react until I show her that I want her to.

Sucking turns to licking, then I kiss her warm skin until I feel goose bumps marching down her leg. She still hasn't moved, but I can tell that keeping still is killing her.

“Good evening, my little vixen. How thoughtful of you to wait like this for your Master,” I purr into her ear, watching in the mirror as she catches her bottom lip between her teeth and bites down to stifle a low moan. “Don't you want to wish me a good evening, too?”

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